Interim Financial Statements as at 31 December 2017

News Interim Financial Statements as at 31 December 2017

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IBL Fidelity Card

The IBL Fidelity Card is issued to every employee, pensioner of IBL Ltd and its subsidiaries; directors, shareholders of IBL Ltd. The card is for the cardholder’s personal use and entitles him/her to discounts on cash purchases. These discounts are applicable only on the products mentioned in the directory and at the points of sales listed in the directory and exclude all promotions. The cardholder also accumulates rewards points on every Rs100 spent, excluding tax, at the points of sales.
The cardholder can redeem the rewards points for purchase vouchers that can be used for purchases at any point of sale mentioned in the directory. A statement grouping the purchases by point of sale and showing rewards points earned will be sent to the cardholder. On expiry date, a new card will be sent to the cardholder, unless he/she is no longer a director, an employee, pensioner or shareholder of IBL Ltd and its subsidiaries.

At Mauritian Eagle Insurance, holders of the IBL Fidelity card are entitled to a 5% discount on premium, as well as 0.25 reward point on every Rs100 spent, on presentation of both the Fidelity and National Identity cards.

IBL Fidelity Card