Interim Financial Statements as at 31 December 2017

News Interim Financial Statements as at 31 December 2017

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As one of the leading marine specialist, we offer distinctive solutions to meet customer’s needs. With our global expertise, we focus on companies involved in both domestic and international trade, importing and exporting of goods.

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  • Special Products – Builder’s Risks/ Shiprepairers’ Liability/ Protection & Indemnity/Marine Consequential Loss/Container Insurance
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Marine Cargo Insurance offers coverage or the insurance of goods on both export and import for loss or damage caused by an insured perils, including collision, storm, theft occuring during the ordinary course of transit by sea and air plus inland transit until delivered to the final destination warehouse.

Insurance of cargo is usually arranged on a voyage basis. Seperate policy can be issued on occasional shipments. But on regular shipments of goods, this procedure would be cumbersone and can also provide automatic cover on a declaration basis by means of a marine open cover whereby the insurer undertakes to insure all shipments for an indefinite period, until cancelled by the parties concerned.

The main clauses in use are:

  • Institute Cargo Clauses "A" which provide cover on comprehensive basis "All Risks".
  • Institute Cargo Clauses "B" which provide cover only against specified risks.
  • Institute Cargo Clauses "C" which provide cover for fewer specified risks.

  • There are other clauses specially designed to cover certain commodities (frozen food, Timber, Coal, Frozen Meat, Sugar)

    Commercial Hull

    Commercial Hull

    Marine Commercial Hull policy provides cover for hull and machinery, equipment and fittings, including collision liability and machinery breakdown. Mauritian Eagle Insurance insure also fishing vessels and their catch on board.

    Types of hull cover:

    • Institute Time Clauses, Hull including 3/4 collision liability
    • Institute Voyage Clauses - Hulls
    • Institute Time Clauses Hulls - Port Risks.
    • Institute Time Clauses Hulls - Port Risks including limited navigation.
    • Institute Time Clauses - Hulls Total Loss only(including salvage, salvage charges, and sue and labour)
    • Institute War and Strike Clauses - Hull - Time.

    Special Products - Builder's Risk/Shiprepairers' Liability/Protection&Indemnity/Marine Consequential Loss/Container Insurance

    Special Products - Builder's Risk/Shiprepairers' Liability/Protection&Indemnity/Marine Consequential Loss/Container Insurance

    Builder's Risks
    Builder's Risks covers loss or damage sustained by a vessel whilst under construction including materials not yet on board the ship at the time of the loss.

    Shiprepairers' Liability
    Mauritian Eagle Insurance indemnify the issured for all sums including legal defence costs which the insured becomes liability to pay as compensation by reason of the insured's legal liability as shiprepairers for any loss of or damage to any property or for death or personal injury where the loss or damage, death or personal injury was caused by the negligance of the insured, its servants, agents or sub-contractors.

    Protection and Indemnity
    Protection and Indemnity covers the shipowner or manager from any legal or contractual liabilities:liabilities to seamen, damage to property, cargo liabilities, pollution, wreck removal.

    Marine Consequential Loss
    Marine Consequential Loss covers financial loss as a result of accidents causing delay to complete a project.

    Container Insurance
    Covers loss or damage to the subject matter insured as a result of fire, explosion, vessel or craft being stranded, collision or contact of vessel or craft with any external object other than water.



    - Mauritian Eagle Insurance can provide Aircraft Hull and Liability Insurance, that is, to cover all risks of physical loss or damage to aircraft including legal liability arising out of operation of the aircraft. We can also cover the legal liability of the insured arising out of aviation activities